ESXI not passing through RAID Volume


I have a Fujitsu TX2540 M1 running ESXI. It has built-in LSI raid controller on the motherboard and I have created a volume in LSI - 4x 2.73TB Drives in RAID10+1 I think it was - A total of 5.4TB. However upon loading ESXI - in the WebGUI the disks are all showing as individual disks and not a Volume which is what I would expect to see as setup in LSI.

ESXI is installed on SATA0 on the motherboard which is where ESXI is installed. When I reboot - LSI reports al disks being member disks and volume size of 5.4TB. Yet, ESXI is just not seeing it.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

I realize I may actually have to install a RAID card rather than relying on the onboard controller, but this should still work fine!


I would go back and re-init all the disks and then recreate your RAID/virtual disk. Also, what version of ESXi and what RAID controller is in your server? Could you provide a screenshot of the RAID config?


ESXI 7, brand new install.

All I know is it is in initialized state, and all disks are memeber disks - I ave tirn down and recreated it a few times allready.

Ill get the model of the built in LSI card, I actually went into the BIOS of the server and swiched to Intel RST but ESXI did not see any disks at all at that point so switched back to LSI.

Ill get a screenshot when I can.

You could be having issues because that server isn’t on the VMware HCL too. Only supported up to 6.7 u3, although I would still think it would install. Once you get a screenshot of the RAID setup hopefully I can help.

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