Enterprise pfsense build

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Im looking to build a new pfsense box to replace an old sonicwall at my business. was originally looking at the xg7100 rackmount but decided id get better bang for my buck building my own. budget around 1500$. looking for any recomendations on ssd drives or other hardware choice hardware as follows.
1x supermicro 5018D-FN8T
2x 240gb samsung 883 DCT SSD in a raid 1 mirror
16gb DDR4 ECC Memmory

My advice is to buy two of them so you have a spare. When you DIY your critical systems you want to make sure you can get a replacement fast because for most companies waiting a few days for a replacement board is generally not an acceptable interruption.

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thanks tom, my plan is to have a spare spun up as a vm on a single node of my cluster in case of failure.