Edgerouter x change one network port

Hi is there any one who can help me out I have a edgerouter x that I done a basic setup on but now I am thinking I want to change one of the earth ports to a 192.168 10.1 rage just for Cctv NVR base to use as the NVR has its own Poe ports and it would need its own dhcp setting for all the ip cameras but then if I start using WiFi cameras I would need them to be on the same network please

Thanks in advance John


It depends on how much time you have invested in your ER-X configuration. You have a a few choices.

  1. Re-run the initial Setup Wizard and the 2LAN2 examples will both give you the ability to set up a second network.
  2. Add a network, set up switch mode, etc.

The last option will require education and watching YT videos by people like Tom, Willie Howe or Ben Pin.

The adage of measure twice, cut once, applies here. I ended up purchasing a second ER-X so I could experiment with networks and configurations and have a backup if you have an “oops” moment to swap it back in. Bonus: It doubles as a layer 2 switch.

You are starting down the path of ‘network enlightenment.’ Soon you may want Unifi (or other) layer 2 switches. It’s a slippery, but rewarding, slope.

It’s always useful to plan, do “napkin drawings” etc. of how you think it should be then show it to network savvy friends or forums such as this one.

I’m relatively new to this forum, but I’ve been a long time watcher of Tom’s videos, I think you’re in great company here.

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Thank you for the information I have my network set and I have vlans in place for guest and iot but after putting them in place I thought dam I should of done one for the cctv equipment so now looking at just redoing the full lot again and let the kids suffer for a little while with out Internet while I redo it cos I guess redoing it will only learn me to think about everything that might be needed first

Update I have just redone everything again and definitely put one of the ports under the 4.1 rage now and gotten it how I wanted it to be