Edge vs Unifi help

Need assitance to decide Edgerouter 12 vs USG-PRO-4. Currently running Untangle UTM on a Dell PC, TP-Link T1600G-28PS switch, CISCP SG300-10PP, TP- Link EAP330 (3), Hikvision NVR, Milesight IP cameras. Looking to upgrade to Ubiquiti equipment connected to Verizon 1Gb FIOS.

If you are going all Unifi I think I would get the USG .
Hope you do not mind me asking but why are you switching from untangle? remember doing some advanced stuff in USG/EDGE disables HW NAT and speed drops to around 400mbps on the pro 4 if I am not mistaken

untangle has way more features then UniFi or edge.

He probably wants all in the same ecosystem, i did this for a friend of mind and was simple to teach too. What you could do is just keep untangle and put a secure gateway after that, to get the ecosystem and the information, just use tangle as the firewall and defense ( this is a future upgrade path im planning for my friend with either pfsense or untangle) just keep in mind the speeds.