ECC memory help

hello everybody,
I just bought an used xeon e3 with its motherboard, since I am not an expert I need an help to match this system with the ram.

The Xeon is an E3-1240v6 and the motherboard is a Supermicro X11SSL-CF.
From specs, it should support up to 64gb ecc udimm at 2400mhz and 1.2V.

I found this vendor here in Europe that sell these Hynix sticks. Are this ram modules compatible?


On that link, if you click on Resources and scroll down until you see Component Options, then select Tested Memory List. That will show you a list of the different speeds/brands that work with this board.

Thanks for reply.

I did it but without result, the table shown only 1 item. I don’t belive that this board works only with that stick…

Are udimm ecc memory more “complicated” than norma udimm (where all are almost 100% compatible with each motherboard)? Or I only have to check if type, pins and voltage is the same?

I have used load of supermicro boards over the years, and they have always been light on information.

I always use the Crucial Memory configuration page to get the right spec for memory, then buy from your supplier using that spec.

Hope that helps :pray:

I have already used the tools from crucial and kinston and I have the compatible model numbers, but the new memory is cost more than the kit composed by cpu, motherboard and heatsink with fan…
That is why I was looking for some used (and cheap) ram