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We are using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at the moment.


And what is your setup / config file for the reverse proxy?
We are again looking into confluence. And want to do it right.


I’m currently using



For Apache you can follow Atlassian’s guide at

More guides can be found at


Ok I love MW

However, I have had a really good play with Bookstack app today and ya know, I think I can see me migrating to it.

However the deciding factor is… How does one enable tables to be collapsed? In Mediawiki you create the table \ table properties and enable it.

I can’t see it BSA.

That’s ultimately what will make me switch.


MediaWiki is a great option. My background is in development for MediaWiki and Wikimedia Foundation so I highly recommend it.

At our company we actually currently use Phabricator for ticketing, and use the Phriction app with that for documentation.