DMZ or not DMZ is my newbie question

I leave in Paris (France) and my ISP provided me with a router that I cannot turn the bridge mode on. I am a beginner, and would like to know if I have to install my SG1100 in the ISP’s routers DMZ or in one of the ports available with a static IP from the DHCP router ?

Thank you.

The exact answer will vary based on what device ISP provided you, but in short, yes you will have to place the SG-1100 behind the ISP provided device and figure out if that device has a way to do 1 to 1 NAT or if you will just have to forward any ports you want open from the ISP device to the SG-1100.

Thanks Tom, I think I will have to port forward from the ISP’s Router.

But is it safe to have the SG1100 on the DMZ? I can see the benefit, no port forwarding needed for example.