Decided to create a homelab.. your thoughts, experiences, and advice

Such solutions are certainly nice and offer advantages, especially in very large environments, where VLANs and classic packet filters might not provide enough control and / or scaleability. In a home lab you don’t really need this, unless you want to learn it in order to be able to use it in a professional environment.

In order to restrict / control East-West traffic between VMs in the same subnet, you can also use the packet filter of the OS that runs inside the VMs. The Linux kernel has already a packet filter built-in and you can use iptables, UFW etc in order to control the traffic from / to other VMs.

Also, Proxmox for example, offers a built-in firewall with which you can define rules for induvidual VMs. It can also provide full isolation between virtual machines.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been around the houses on this. I tried TrueNas and XCP-NG as virtualisation hosts, but ended up with

I run home assistant in a VM, TrueNas in a VM, and a VM running docker for various apps including Emby for media.

Your limitation, IMHO, is the amount of ram on your server. If you don’t have much, you won’t be able to host many services on it. I have 64GB, and run 5 VMs (one of which hosts Docker and runs about 5 docker-compose stacks) and a couple of Proxmox containers.