Debian VM Guest Setup Automation


I’m just wondering how you guys set up your Debian VMs. Are you “just” going through the installer or is there a more efficient way to do this, for example Ansible or other install scripts of some sort to automate the process?

There are many ways to setup Debian or any other Linux VM depending on what your needs are. Honestly I’ve started using a ZFS cloned snapshot as my base image although I’ve done both your methods (manual installation and ansible scripting). It just depends how much time you want to spend developing your setup method which is really dependent on how often you are going to be needing to setup new VMs.

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For all my lab work / YouTube videos I just use a base Debain VM and clone it as needed. Just before I do any clones I often will make sure that base VM is up to date, but that is about it. Getting into full configuration management is a lot of learning, but is really great if you do a lot of systems deployments at scale.

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Thanks for the replies @LTS_Tom and @kevdog . So I will probably use a mix of both, basic manual install and then clone this base system and use ansible for further setup of the specific use case. Are you doing anything special to your Debian 10 after or during the installer? For example, I’ve seen you using the newer kernel 5.6 instead of the standard 4.19, is there a reason for that?

Been so long I don’t recall why I have the newer kernel.