Custom / external unifi captive portal?


another question for experience in that field. We recently had several Schools rolling out Unifi. Some of them use a local LDAP I can use via FreeRadius Adapter to make a EAP Authentication so no “guest portal”. Some do not have anything but having a PSK for X hundert of Students is a bad Idea.

They all use a own properitary email system and all students have a email my Idea is to make a tiny external page used as a external Guest Portal Server for Unifi and just do a quick email check. Enter your school email, you will receive a short auth code by mail and then your MAC is listed as allowed. Done.

Anybody had some experience with that or is there any PY / PHP based ext. Unifi Portal I can base of?

2nd thought was just providing them with a GUI for freeradius and let them manually enter student credentials there.

Thanks for Ideas if there are any experience with it.