CPU and RAM usage on a Netgate 1100

Question around CPU and RAM usage on a Netgate 1100

On my home network, I am running 5 VLANs, DHCP Server, PFBlockerNG on 3 of the VLANs, Open VPN with one continual connection and one connection here and
there. Memory usage is usually around 45% to 60%. CPU usage is always fluctuating from around 25% to 55%. These numbers are taken from a time when no one
is home and the 2 Open VPN connections are being used.
Question is. Are the CPU and Memory usage stats “normal” for this device and the services I’m running on it? Should the CPU usage be lower on average?
Should I be considering upgrading to the 2100?
I apologize if this question is similar to others in the forum, but I haven’t found anything that really compares to my specific questions.


I suppose it depends like most things.

One obvious thing that stands out is what type of encryption / ciphers you are using they should be impacting processor cycles but I couldn’t guess by how much. Plus all services use cycles, you’d need to know much more to determine how much how just tweak it and inspect the results. You can always buy new kit but it depends if you think you will gain from having lower processor / ram usage!

I think you need to compare against the base pfSense build. However, I don’t see much benefit. If you happen to have a spare PC you can always buy a cheap NIC then run pfSense on it and compare.

Ok. Thanks for getting back to me. I guess I am comparing this to a PC a little. A PC’s CPU would be idle for the most part when not in use, but a firewall will be doing all sorts of things in the background. As long as it’s not topping out over 80% or more constantly it should be ok. Or it’s not affecting network traffic/speeds.

Thanks again.

If you are running ZFS, the RAM usage will be higher. It is using it for caching. Not the same way on TrueNAS, but Netgate mentions it in their documentation.

SG-1100 and SG-2100 are using the same ARM CPU.