Connecting Via TCP Option In Virt Manager Missing

Trying to connect to unraid vm via virt manager from ubuntu but the tcp option seems to be missing on version 2.2.1 of virt manager on ubuntu 20.04…only option is to connect over ssh which doesn’t work for unraid.

Version 1.5.1 of virt manager on Ubuntu 18.04 has the option…am I missing something obvious or did this option get taken away?




Are you missing a dependency that’s required for qemu+tcp? I don’t use it any more since migrating to xcp-ng 18 months ago.

I let it install the packages it asked for.

I’m also on xcp-ng now, have a few VMs on unraid that I wanted to manager better before converting them to xcp.

It’s not essential for me to find the reason for this…it will just bug me like crazy until I have the reason :slight_smile: