Connecting pfSense to Juniper IPSec VPN Tunnel

Our current cloud host utilizes Juniper virtual firewalls to provide access to their environment. I am trying to configure a pfSense box (protectli) to connect to a existing VPN tunnel for testing purposes. Ideally what I am trying to do is connect my pfSense box at my home lab, pass the connection out a specific (currently unused) interface on the protectli, and connect a single workstation to that interface for testing.
I have muddled through the VPN configuration on pfSense as much as I could, but I am sure I am missing something. I was curious if anyone out there has had any experience with connecting pfSense to VPN’s generated from other providers (Juniper, Cisco, Fortigate, etc.) and could help point me in the right direction for some guidance.
I am happy to share any additional information (within reason) if it will help with troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance!

Just posted a video on here showing how to connect from a draytek to pfsense, reverse scenario but should be a similar process.

Thanks for this. It helped me a long way to getting connected, but I am still not able to get the tunnel to connect. Were there any guides or other resources that you used to get this configuration setup?
I know I must be missing something easy, but I have to be over looking it.

Thanks again for the help.

So a little update on this. After some troubleshooting last night I was able to get the VPN to connect, but now I can as of yet not get anything to route to this connection.
I would love to be able to limit this to a single physical interface on the firewall to not inhibit the rest of my network, but am not sure if that is possible.
Does anyone out there have any experience in setting a pfSense up as the client to an IPSec VPN?

Thank You,