Connecting client to network that's on LTE

I have a project whereby the network’s only connection to the internet is via a mobile LTE network.

I would like a solution whereby a client using an LTE network can remote into a network (also on an LTE network) and gain “local” access


  1. Using a mobile LTE provider that offer access to the IP and use a VPN for local access
  2. Using a VPN server that acts in the middle to connect the network and the client

I know 1 is possible but not going to be cheap for larger file transfers. 2. must be possible or some thing similar at least.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I can go about learning to set up something like solution 2?

You could use I have a few videos on it.

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Thanks for this - looks like a great solution - I will definitely check out those videos - thanks - and a further thanks for your content generally, it bought me here, please keep it coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I may hit some compliance issues using a third party such as Zerotier:

  1. How would you satisfy yourself/client of the safety of your/their data when using their service?
  2. If setting up my own “middle” server was the only option left what is the level of budget required for consultancy on setting up such a server, $100s, $1000s, $10,000, or more?

I appreciate that question 2 is likely too difficult to answer without more context but any indication is useful, I further appreciate that this may not be the place for this type of question in which case happy to be directed with my apologies in advance.

If Zerotier is only being used to transport encrypted traffic is not really a big risk. You can contact Zerotier for a self deployed solution and the costs for that.