Connecting cameras over WiFI i dont own

we live in a condo, so dont have the ability to do whatever i want, just enough to get by…

i have a garage that doesnt have an ethernet connection and no way to install one.
powerline wont work.
and it is way too far to use my own wifi.

I DO have access to the buildings ‘public’ wifi.

is there any way, using tailscale or otherwise, to connect a camera via that public wifi to the rest of my system/recorder? unifi would be ok, or any other poe camera (i have both unifi and a separate nvr currently)? if i have to put another pfsense firewall there that would be ok (but a cheap one would be best, since i would only put a camera and my own wifi there, both fed via the public wifi.)


I’ve not done this, but perhaps a portable / travel router will connect to the wifi, then the ethernet port plugs into a dumb switch along with a raspberry pi running PiVPN. You’d have a connection to the outside world but that IP address could well change if your router reboots.

I’ve got a portable router it has wifi and an ethernet port, I use it to connect several devices to hotel wifi, with a single connection so to speak.

looks good, and if i cant figure out how to connect the camera though that wifi connection to my current recorder, that will have to do.