COAX, MoCA, and new constuction

I am not sure if this is the right area. It is sort of infrastructure related. If wrong, please move it.

My home was new construction when I purchased it and all communication cables had not been finished off at the time. Wall outlets, yes but not the central area they all routed to. I finished off all but the COAX currently. And that leads to my question.

I have four lines coming into the area. One that normally would go to the cable provider but is not connected to anything yet. The other three go to other rooms in the home. I want to use these on my network so have been looking at MoCA adapters. I never really mess with COAX cabling aside from just plugging something into it, so need a sanity check. From my understanding, everything on the network talks to everything constantly. So, if I have, say, three devices on the network and one broadcasts it goes over all the lines, unlike normal computer networking. If this is correct, I see two ways to set this all up.

The first way, one adapter attached to a splitter that goes out to all the cables in the home. Then an adapter at the end of each run that I wish to connect a device to. The adapter that is connected to the splitter then plugs into my switch to connect it all to the computer network.

Pros - cheaper since I need fewer adapters.
Cons - a bit more of a pain to manage because all traffic goes over a single network port and some of the devices being connected have limited manual configuration options. And all traffic shares a single cable and I am not really sure of the limits this puts on performance.

The second way. Instead of a splitter, each line gets its own pair of adapters that get their own connections to the switch.

Pros - Dedicated connections for all devices and simpler management as a result.
Cons - More expensive since I need to get more adapters.

For reference, all of this goes into a Unifi 24 port switch that is the backbone of my home network. Everything in my home is direct connected to that already unless on Wifi. I want to offload some of my WiFi traffic, but do not want to run new lines through the house since these cables already go where I need them.

Am I on the right path with my thoughts? I am not overly concerned about the cost of the second option since the advantages seem to be worth the costs. But, if I am totally off base, I would just stick with option one. I would appreciate some input from everyone. Thanks.

Never used the MoCA adapters, so not really sure. I prefer to hard line things using CAT6.

I would replace the lines, but they are fastened to the studs in the walls. So, pulling them out is not really an option. Maybe I will buy one pair and test that to start.