Cloudberry Restores

So, we have been testing with cloudberry in a couple of different scenarios… For some reason, we can’t seem to get a restore to actually work.

I’ve done them a couple different ways. We have a computer in the office we do testing with that’s running windows. Did a few different full backups to various locations (local hard drive, network share). After doing that i’ve tried to restore from those backup on a couple different physical machines as well as in a vm on xen server and have had nothing issues doing them. I’ve tried restoring from a few different versions and some of them just error out with weird errors. I’ve had one actually complete. That one was in a vm but boot was unsuccessful. Took the same backup, restored it to an external drive, tried to boot from it. Same result. Tried that with a couple different backups that said completed successfully but no dice when i try to restore them…

What the heck am I missing. It seems like a really promising backup solution but I can’t for the life of me get a restore to actually work. Thoughts? Tips? Tricks?

Have you google the error messages or tried contacting their support?

Tried googling the errors with no real luck of coming up with anything. Plan on contacting their support to see what they can tell use.

You guys use cloudberry right? How has your experience been with it?

I think I used a free version of Cloudberry Explorer a long time ago in combination with Amazon S3 Storage.

No issues there but I stopped using Amazon S3 Storage and started using Amazon Cloud Drive with one of the Synology Backup Packages, I guess that was called Hyperbackup.

When the Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited storage offer for a fixed amount stopped I also stopped to use this service.