Client currently on GSuite wants to combine with Office365

Any thoughts?

I have a long time client that is currently using GSuite, Office 365 Business, and Egnyte. One of the members of the team thinks they can do everything with Office 365 Business and has taken the reigns in making it happen company-wide.

All of the other users are happy with things as they are. This particular user wants messages originating by the Office 365 system to be delivered to the domain email which is handled by GSuite.

Anyone have any idea how to redirect Office365/ messages to the domain? transparently?

We support clients on either platform, it’s best to pick one or the other. I don’t think there is any easy way to do this, but if you point the MX records to some type of intermediary mail proxy system you have it forward each email based on a set of rules to the proper server. I would not want to support a mess like that unless I was well paid.

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The are bad ideas dumb ideas and exceedingly dumb ideas, What you have described above is of the last. If you take on such a convoluted task double your hourly rate and make it clear that there will be problems. In other words instill fear of looking foolish to others in the company. FUD can at times be your friend.