Client bought Synology Diskstation DS918+

Alrighty, so this post is follow up from a previous post. In the previous post I asked for a good server build for an engineering office. Their main requirements were speed (though I explained that the network would need upgrading for best performance) but they had a small budget for it.

After watching Tom’s video on the Synology DS918+ I recommended they buy it. And I’m happy to say that they agreed. So I’ll get the chance to play with one soon. If anybody wants to know more about the product let me know and I’ll be sure to find answers for you all.

Thanks @LTS_Tom for the video!


I have the DS718+ (two bays vs. the four bays of the DS918+). I use the VPN and RADIUS apps for it and also run Debian in a VM (UniFi controller and Pi-hole). Having Plex Server is also a nice feature.

Concerning Plex, I use the dual NICs to physically segregate “office” traffic from “A/V” traffic. UPnP is set in pfSense to only bind to my A/V and gaming networks.