Client asked for a DBA... should I hire one?

Hey guys, Morris new here.

Just started my MSP about a month ago and we are tackling law firms.

One of our prospect clients asked us for a DBA analyst alongside with the MSP offer.

Note: here in Brazil there’s no such 1 software for Law firms so most of them have inhouse wirtten software. This is such a case.

Their demand is mainly because of a poorly written in house software rather than acctually needing a DBA.

Shoul I provide a tech with DBA skills or just take it out of scope and tell them to hire one for themselves?

Note 2: I wouldnt neeed a DBA for any of our other clients or prospects we have in sight.

Thanks you guys and Cheers!

It really depends if you want to take on that responsibility of managing that aspect of their business. It would also mean that if that person fails or needs to be replaced it is also your problem.

Ohhh … tks @TLS_Tom, was not expecting receiving an answer directly from you on my first post on the forum.

That will come into discussion with the client once we define if it’ll be a full MSP or a Hybrid approach, the latter being the one they asked for since they want to keep some of their existing IT staff. Probably will push towards them keeping their existent DBA and we won’t cover support for the poorly developed software they have.

Thanks again and nice meeting you!

Cheers mate.