Cisco 2960s stacking cables?

Anyone have any stacking cables for the Cisco 2960s or 2960x switches that they don’t want? I could use a few 0.5 meter and a single 1 meter. It’s for my lab and I’m in the USA.

eBay is probably going to be your best bet.

I have one listing in my watch list that is decently priced. Last week nothing was less than $50 each which is more than I’m willing to pay. That’s almost as much as the switches I bought recently, found some 2960s 24 gigabit ports with two 10gb and POE+ (370 watt total) for $70 each. The faceplate had been cracked so they were roughly half the price and not affected by the blemish. I’m connecting one of these to my Mikrotik CRS309-8s SFP+ switch, mostly to play with phones in my lab.

One note, stacking these is not wonderful. The S models only stack at 10gbps where the newer X models are 20gbps across the stack. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone else that may want to buy these old switches.