CARP Problems - Second pair of eyes please someone

Morning all (it is in the UK anyway)

I have a pesky problem with HA and its starting to bake my noodle a little. I’m testing this in an internal environment with sudo internet here in my office. Internet is being served up via DHCP from a UDMPro. I have a single port from that coming to my desk in my office. This is plugged in to a netgear standard gigabit managed switch with factory config on it. From that switch i have both firewalls connected on WAN0 with DHCP. The attached picture shows how its setup, but its literally the same as Tom’s video frame by frame. VIP’s are setup, NAT is setup, SYNC is working, FW Rule to allow all traffic is working and the DHCP server is fixed as described in the video also. Both firewalls are then connected to another netygear switch of the same kind, and from there to my laptop.

Here’s the kicker, set this all up and it works for say 10 minutes from factory vanilla on both firewalls. then my laptop loses internet connection. I cannot trace out past the firewall, the firewall however can trace to the internet just fine. it can download packages, it can ping and trace to anything you like in diagnostics. But the laptop has nothing but internal.

No amount of reboots of the hardware fixes this. but every time i factory reset and set up from scratch it works for a few mins and then dies again. Guys & Gals … what am i missing here?

This will eventually be going in to a space that has a diverse link coming in with two WAN routers and 16 Static IPs. But i really hoped to have it working as a test in my lab before this. There are no LAN IPv4 issues in the system firewall logs, no sync errors … nothing.

Hardware is Netgate 6100 HA Pair running 22.05 Stable, Two Netgear GS308E Gigabit switches, and a windows 11 laptop.

Anyone that can just tell me im and idiot and point out what ive missed or not understood, that would be awesome as ive rebuilt these things 6 times now with the same result.

I don’t think it’s recommended to use DHCP with WAN and CARP.

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. So guessing my understanding is correct apart from this error.

Opening this back out as I’m now in a position with the real WANs in play and this still is causing an issue.

I have isolated it down to the LAN portion as until I configure DHCP with the CARP LAN and failover addresses everything works fine.

As soon as I configure DHCP all clients get addresses but no internet

The firewalls remain able to ping and trace to the internet.

As soon as I undo these action it works just fine again

What am missing here

Make sure DHCP is handing out the right gateway.