Cannot open SCSI device '/dev/nsa0' - Inappropriate ioctl for device

Hello all and thanks so much for reading.
I’m trying to set up an LTO-3 Fiber Chanel tape drive on my FreeNAS box, by running bacula in a jail.
This is all part of a larger project to ween off using a Linux box and a SCSI drive as my tape backup solution.

The library is an ml6000 dell tape drive.
I used this guide to get my drive and devices into my jail,
When using MTX I receive the above error (cant insert more than 2 links per post? what?)
Both the host and the jail can see the drive (this is the host but the results are the same in the jail)
Any help would be super, super appreciated! Thank you so much for reading. Ill answer any questions.

I have not worked with any tape drives in many years, I would suggest the FreeNAS forums.

Thanks for replying! Ill try the FreeNAS forums perhaps. Or ask Dan directly if i can.