Cannot access TrueNAS scale server and ciffs share via OpenVPN

Hi all
I have a strange one, ive built a TrueNAS scale server for my home lab and im in the process of moving my ciffs shared drive data from my old TrueNAS core server.

I can ping and access the TrueNAS scale ciffs share from my local LAN’s but i cannot access it from my OpenVPN connection when im external of my lab.

I can still access my old TrueNAS core server ciffs share no problem and i can connect to the VM’s hosted on on the new TrueNAS scale server via my OpenVPN connection just not the ciffs share on the new TrueNAS scale server.

Any idea’s where im going wrong?

Note: The OpenVPN server is running on my pfSense router

In the OpenVPN Advanced Client Settings, do you export your Domain and DNS?

I vpn’ed to my lab, and was able to access https://truenas.lan/

Hi pavlos

Yes my OpenVPN advanced config exports both domain and DNS.

The strange thing is i can access the VM’s hosted on the TrueNAS scale server using DNS or IP address, its just the ciffs share i cannot access. Again i can ping any of the VM’s no problem but i cannot ping the TrueNAS scale server itself .

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this

What does your OpenVPN rule look like in Pfsense?

The OpenVPN rule is allow vpn subnet to VLAN3 (server VLAN) and back the other way
I can access all the other servers on that VLAN including the TrueNAS core server and the VM’s hosted on the TrueNAS scale server just not the CIFF share hosted on the TrueNAS scale or ping the TrueNAS scale IP address.
Its a strange one

Has anyone got any ideas on this please

Is there an allow rule on both OpenVPN interface and the interface on your cifs subnet?

Without actually seeing screenshots of your setup it’s going to be really difficult for anyone here to help you.

Can you to run a tcpdump on the truenas scale server to prove that the CIFS network connection is actually making it through the firewall?
Are there ACL’s on the CIFS share of the scale server that are preventing non-local access?