Browser connection errors on Windows 10

I’m having networking problems that I can’t figure out. I use pfsense+ (23.05) and proxmox(7.4). I installed a nextcloud container on proxmox and had everything working fine. I then moved the nextcloud container to a VLAN on proxmox and started to have problems accessing it. The nextcloud FQDN is same but IP changed) The strange thing is that I can access the container from a linux pc but not from 2 windows 10 pc all on the same network?

When I try to access from windows 10, I get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT using Brave, Edge, or Chrome browsers. I was able to access the container a couple times from each windows 10 pc after moving to VLAN then I started getting the error and reboots of all network devices, clearing browser caches failed to fix the problem. I can ping the nextcloud container and access internet and other VMs/containers without problems from windows 10 though.

I thought the problem was with nextcloud but I can access it from linux. Any thoughts on what to try next would be greatly appreciated.

One note, I did NOT access the nextcloud container from linux before I moved it to a VLAN. Not sure if there are some settings or saved info from before the move on windows that is causing the problem. Also moving the container from the vlan did NOT solve the problem either.

Does the name resolve correctly on the PCs which won’t connect?

I can reach nextcloud on one of the windows machines now. I have not changed anything. The other is still having the same error and name resolution is working properly there.

Just to close the loop. The connection errors have gone away. I did nothing to “fix” the problem and it lasted for more than a day.