Brazil Laws for wifi

Hey guys!
Well im seting up my first ubiquit wifi… we dint buy all the things only the aps but i want to get the USG pro 4 and the switchs

Well as the title says; im from brazil and we have a new law that says more o less this:

If we have a public space we need to have a public wifi;
If we have a public wifi we need to LOG every client acess and information; like macaddres what they acess and some other things;

So is this posible using ubiquit usg?
Download and have a log? or i need to get another thing in the network?

I need to save the log for some time what do u guys think about it?

Thx! and sry for my english; isn´t my main language. So sorry for some mistakes.

Unifi does not offer very detailed logging so I am not certain if this will comply with the laws there. You may want to look at something such as Untangle which has more in depth logging options.