Best Software Data Recovery Option? - Solved!

Got a friend that managed to accidentally started a format on an external 2TB Seagate USB drive. When they realized what they were doing, they pulled the USB cable with the format at 0%. As the result, the drive is now showing as RAW.

I expect the data is largely in tact, but I’d like opinions on the best software options/strategy for recovery. Drive is currently disconnected and I’ve advised them not to reconnect it until we’re ready to attempt recovery.

Some names I’ve come up with so far for software are Active@ Partition Recovery, R-Studio, and Testdisk.

Anything else I should be considering?

I’m drawing a blank but there is one by the same company that does CCleaner that is pretty decent from what I’ve heard, however, I haven’t used it personally.

Hey GateToTheFuture, thanks for the reply. Recuva is what you’re thinking of. Unfortunately tried that already with no luck which is the only reason I didn’t bring it up. Probably should have mentioned that in the initial post, apologies.

You may have to turn to a data recovery service, if so I would try Https://
they can do data recovery over the wire but if that fails they have facilities across the country.

Ended up going with Teskdisk. Was able to recover 25,000 photos. My friend is super happy and I’ve instilled the value of cloud and local backups so we don’t need to go through this again. Thanks for the replies.