Best POE Switch for my Dream Machine and AC-PRO's

I have a Unifi Dream Machine and 4 AC-Pros spread out across my house at different levels.

Right now I’m using the POE injectors to power each access point from my desk but that’s a lot of extra cable. Which POE switch is best for me where I can connect from the Dream Machine to the switch and then provide POE to my 4 AC-PROs?

Best to do your homework on poe switches another poster outlined the difference between active and passive poe and whether you’ll fry your Access points.

I thought that was what I was doing by asking a question here…

I’m looking at this:

It appears to be what I need where it ought to be able to be managed by my Dream Machine and provide POE to the 4 AC-PROs but was hoping to get an independent recommendation on this switch.

I use that model to power 2 Nano HD APs and 1 AC-Lite without issue. The switch outputs 802.3af PoE and all of those APs, including your AC-PROs use 802.3af so you should be good.

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Any opinions/experience with this:

I’m told it’s a newer model.

I’ve not used the newer model, but it seems like it should work, same PoE standard. It is slightly less powerful at only 52W, but that shouldn’t be an issue with the AC-PROs as they are rated at 9w max.

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ha… ha… You poor guy. He asks help from us and he’s told he needs to do some research… too funny.

I will tell you @SemperFi that my cloud controller is telling me that my AC Pro access points (I use the same ones you use) draw about 3-4 watts. I don’t know what else you have attached to that switch, but I think this gives you plenty of wiggle room to use the 8 port switch with 4 port POEs. I’ve done it and haven’t had trouble.

Hope this helps and thank you for your service!

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LOL that’s me ! Was referring to this post personally I wasn’t very aware of active and passive poe, hence best to do your homework caveat emptor !

Thanks for linking that post. I went ahead and bought the Unifi Switch Like 8 POE. It is active POE.