Backblaze B2 Opinon with Veeam

Hello All. So I know @LTS_Tom has mentioned backblaze in the past and I am curious what everyone’s current opinion is of their B2 storage. Basically, I have using Veeam at several of our customers and have been using a Veeam Cloud Connect partner which has really been great. For smaller sites I use MSP360 with Wasabi which has been great as well. However, Veeam 10 has added the ability to use S3 copy mode in their capacity tier as well as the support of immutable backups via S3 object lock. Wasabi does not yet support object lock so I am looking at BackBlaze. I have a test 10GB account and it seems to work well. But I am curious as to the following:
#1) How has ingress and egress performance been with backblaze?
#2) How has reliability been with backblaze and object storage?

If all goes well in testing we might I might be pushing 20TB of storage via several customers using the Veeam capacity tier to replace the veeam cloud connect partner IN SOME instances. The cloud connect part is nice since we can get an external drive overnighted in the event of a major outage and he ability to spin up VM’s in the cloud. With B2 that is not possible and we would be downloading TB’s of backup via Object storage. I do not think B2’s fireball is an option for us in this instance (object).

Is anyone else here using or considering Backblaze (or AWS) for their PRIMARY Veeam repo? One of my primary concerns in all of this is the immutability and the S3 object lock looks like a game changer.
Thanks for any input.

I am a Veeam Pro Partner but I have not had experience using Veeam with Backblaze. Would like to know what your test results show. I recommend Veeam for those with large data sets to back up but also use Backblaze for smaller businesses especially those without a second office and are cost conscious. The Veeam for Linux is also a very good product stand alone or with the Veeam suite.