Assign /23 public ips to vms running on lan

Hi there :slight_smile:

We have been assigned a /23 ip block and I would like to assign these ips to vms running on the lan. The current setup is as follows:

wan switch: pfsense wan, router from isp
lan switch: pfsense lan, vms

The ISP router has been assigned xx.xx.84.1

Pfsense wan has been assigned xx.xx.84.2

I am able to add network interfaces to the vm which are connected to the lan and wan switches.

Could you explain what I need to do in order to assign xx.xx.84.6 to the vm and allow all inbound and outbound traffic? The vm should also be seen as xx.xx.84.6 and not xx.xx.84.2 (pfsense wan ip).

Many thanks!

I have never done it but pfsense has a write up here about how to

Hi Tom, thanks for your response. I have followed this guide a few times to make doubly sure I haven’t missed something but unfortunately things still aren’t working. Would it be possible to hire you folks for an hour or two to get it sorted for me?