Anyone been hit with ransomware?

Considering the rehashing and new found abundance of ransomware and crypto lately in the news, and some being intelligent while others not so much in their willingness to pay, I thought I’d ask the question of everyone here.

Have you been, or know someone who has been hit with ransomware? If so, what was the outcome?

Personally, I have been. Many years ago, I was hit on my personal machine, because I was being a lazy dumbass, and Murphy gave me the middle finger because of it.

~10TB of data, workstation and my then slackware md raid arrays. wannacry is a real mofo. Cost me $500 and a trip to a drug-deal like setting at a Starbucks in DTLA because BTC was still relatively new.

When I consulted a buddy of mine somewhat locally before I did anything, who’s much smarter than I, his words were, “Your F’ed”, pay and hope or loose everything.

I was lucky enough to get an honest (I guess?) russian group who allowed proof of decryption and once paid, gave me the decryption keys/app. Then the weeks of restoration…

What did I learn? Well, don’t be a lazy dumbass with yourself, treat yourself as well or better than your customers/clients, and if you see any hint of Murphy, stop and think, as you really don’t want him showing up, unless of course it’s Robocops Murphy, he’s cool, but only 1 & 2.

In pfSense, Suricata & FreeNAS I Trust

Never been hit, but certainly dealt with a lot of clients that have. Because we are dealing with computer security issues every day I do my best to maintain internal operational excellence by practicing what I preach about backups and patching. I am not perfect, not saying it will never happen, but I do my best to stay on top of things.