Any Compatibility Issues with Mixing UniFi & EdgeMax?


Has anyone tested or know of any compatibility issues with mixing Unifi and EdgeMax? Would I be able to control and manage the EdgeMax products in the UniFi Network Dashboard?

I currently have the UDM, AP AC PRO, and FlexMini Switch. I am looking to add a 24 port switch, 24 port POE switch, and multiple AP’s through out the house. I figure if I am able to mix and match the Unifi products, I might be able to get more for my money.

As I was typing this, another question came to mind, but it isn’t about UniFi - what brand and/or CAT 6 patch panel would you recommend?


everything works great together. what i use the most of is ubiquiti aps with edge routers. and sometimes throwing in cisco switches in the mix. You just cant manage them from a single dash board. The edge router can be managed remotely through unms/uisp either self hosted or provided by ubiquiti. But they do require you have at least 10 devices online.
In short. it all works well together just need to management them separately.

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Thank you for the information. I figured since EdgeMax was Unifi, it could all be managed together! Is the EdgeMax, better than the regular Unifi Equipment?

it has more advanced features. unifi routing is not for me