Alarming Boot Failure


Thanks for all your faithfulness toward sharing all you have been given, so freely! We have had many successes learning from your training videos!

Im running a Protectli 6 port firewall with Policy Routing on the Latest Version of PFsense.

Yesterday afternoon my firewall began to alarm so I shut everything down, several hours later I came back and PFsense would not boot up, and I’m hoping you may be able to provide a direction to resolve the bootup issues.

It comes up with this on the display:

FreeBSD/x86 boot
Default: pfSense/ROOT/default:/boot/zfsloader

Pressing enter takes us to a 7 item menu where selecting reboot fails.
Thanks Tom to All who help US find the way thru! Did my hardware fail?



I was able to get into single user debug mode
from there I attempted to reboot but system hung again.
A Power Off/On got pfSense to Boot and iit s running fine.

Thanks for scratching yer head wit me for a bit, not sure what happened but have fresh backup/restore Lawrence Video and a backup xml made ready.


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Hi. FYI I had what may have been the same error which I have written up in a recent post in this forum.
Possibly my problem came from the same area yours - unit will not boot with particular versions of FreeBSD - fix is to update a CPU firmware value to “UEFI” only.

Toms video of PFSense backups is excellence, I also do a manually backup locally (just in case)

Probably quicker to reinstall PFsense and restore the backup , instead of working out why it failed.

Glad it is working now

In Protectli KB it does say change boot option uefi pfSense® CE on the Vault - Protectli