Afterhours guaranteed standby support cost

Hi All,

I have a client wanting this from 5pm-9pm Mon-Fri, excl public holidays. I’ve put pricing into USD here as I think most of the members are American / US based. Yes the pricing does look VERY low in US terms, but in terms of my country it’s a good rate for both parties. This is more of a case of exceeding regulatory demands, in terms of the IT SLA minimums required by the national boards governing this clients industry.

I’m thinking $5 p/h standby, this comes to approx $450p/m for only standby & would include 1hr of non roll over support. IF a callout is required (HIGHLY unlikely) that will be charged at ~$100.

The infrastructure is simple:

1x Managed FTTB router (No wifi)
1x Self managed AP (I’ll have access to it)
12x VOIP phones (managed)
1x cloud CRM (Only have to do DNS changes from time to time)
12x workstations (mix desktop & laptop, only 1 is > 5 years old, the rest are 2-3years old).