Acme on pfSense using non default gateway

After following Tom’s great detailed YouTube turtorial for setting up Acme Let’s Encrypt certs for HAProxy on pfSense I’m finding that my certificate renewals are going out a non-default gateway. I have a rule setup to route one VLAN out over a ‘privacy’ VPN. Under routing - gateways the correct (non VPN) gateway is listed as default. The issue this is causing is I have my Vultr API key restricted to my WAN ip address so renewals fail when it goes out over the VPN. If I stop the OpenVPN service and run the certificate renewal it works fine.
I looked through the pfSense documentation but couldn’t find a setting to define the gateway Acme should use. Am I missing an obvious setting? Is there a way to setup a rule to force Acme to use a specific gateway?

Not something I have ever tested, if no one here answers that you might want to try the Netgate/pfsense forums.

This bug got resolved in the new version released a few days ago. I updated to Acme 0.7.3 and certificate renewals are working properly and going out the default gateway as intended now.