Acme Certificates: not a secure connection

I started working through How To Setup ACME, Let’s Encrypt, and HAProxy HTTPS offloading on pfsense

I have created the Account Key, and certificate which issued successfully. It was setup using DNS-Cloudflare.

However when I browse to I still get a “Not secure” warning


Did you set your new certificate in the web UI settings?

I thought I had, but yes I had the wrong one listed. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I have fixed this but I am still getting the warning

Hi abasel,
I also run through cloudflare too and there’s a bit of a trick to it.
Best advise I can give is use a wildcard cert.
Enter * for the “domainname” field.
If you’ve setup DNS-cloudflare correctly, it should then work fine.
Like xMAXIMUSx said, be sure you also set your web ui to use your new wildcard cert as well.

Are you also proxying your pfsense through cloudflare as well ?
Have you checked your end-to-end SSL settings within cloudflare to ensure you have it either set to FULL or Flexible ?
If you have it set to Off then that might be causing issues, if you proxy the traffic.

Another thing is sometimes the web browser doesn’t pickup the certificate properly when changing it either. I’d also try closing your browser or using an incognito/in-private window to force it to make a new connection.

Hopefully one of those things will help solve your issue :slight_smile:

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Hi @xMAXIMUSx and @ad4m1, thanks for your pointers. Something strange happened. I went it to check my Cloudflared SSL settings and they were good so I changed nothing. I then went back to my pfsense to try again so that I could see what the cert warning was saying and low and behold everything is working. Maybe it was a caching issue. So all good now. Thanks again.

Glad you got it working. I suspect it was your browser playing you around. Ive had something similar in the past too. :slight_smile: