A WireGuard question

Hi all

Having played with WireGuard I quite like it. I am running it on a Pi at my office. I was trying to ping from my PC which doesn’t have the WireGuard client installed and ping across to my PC at Home which is connected via WireGuard client. My WireGuard server is running on the Pi.

In pfsense, I have created a new Gateway of the IP of the Pi, and set a static route in pfsense of the WireGuard network - but Ping doesn’t seem to work from my PC at the office, I was hoping it would route through pf > to the PI > then across WireGuard and reach my PC at home thus kinda making WireGuard a Site to Site.

Can this use case work with WireGuard?
Have I missed something?


Did you allow for ICMP in your rules ? That will allow you to ping, though I do not know if your set up will work regardless.

Yeah Ping is allowed. I was hoping it would work!