3 in 1 for Mobility purposes

I’ve been looking for something that can pull triple duty as a router/switch/access point.

I need something that can have at least 2 ssids and the ability to do vlans on each.

The use case is to bu hooked up to a 4G modem in a van to share WiFi at festivals so space is limited.

I was looking at the UDM non-pro but I don’t love the unifi routing and they are of course sold out everywhere. The only ones I see for sale are $100 over msrp.

I saw this synology router that seems to do what I need


but if anyone has used anything that they like for a similar purpose I am all ears. I haven’t used Synology routers before but the built in filtering is also interesting to me and the price is right.

Ideally there would be some sort of pfsense box with ac wifi antennas.

Being a jack-of-all-trades device is where Mikrotik shines. I recommend looking at the hAP AC2 or hAP AC3. Mikrotik takes some getting used to, but you can’t beat it for a device that can do anything.

You can even skip the separate 4G modem with a model thatbhas it built in: MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products Just be extra-sure that you get one with the right LTE bands. If you’re in the US, the only one you can use is their “LTE-US” module. You may need to buy the module separately and put it into a specific device if they don’t have the exact kit you want.

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