2FA for Xen Orchestra

I am in the process of locking down logins i have around the net, is there a way to add 2FA to XOA i do not see a way to do this with the default install of it.

They don’t have it built into Xen Orchestra, instead they offer allowing connecting to external auth such as SAML

I will check that out seems odd that they would not bake this functionality into it


Do you really have that many people trying to access the hypervisor? Wouldn’t the hypervisor be placed within a management VLAN with access to the VLAN very restricted by the firewall? I concede I could see your reasoning behind a 2-factor mechanism, however I can also see why this wouldn’t be at the top of xcp-ng’s bucketlist.

Yes to all those points but I am trying to get in the habit id 2fa everything for security. So while no in this case it’s not missing critical would still be a great security feature to have