10gb switch, unifi or edge

I know the topic has been discussed before in length on other forums regarding the difference, so i wont start it again.
However, I am interested in know WHY you went with Unifi rather then Edge or the other way around.

Im currently looking for a 10gb sfp+ switch and so far, the 16-xg in the only affordable switch with at least 6 sfp ports and , but i dont know if unifi is the way to go.
Im leaning more towards the edge version since i dont have any other unifi products, but if i get the edge version im missing out on the Access points since they require the controller.
But if i went with the unifi im missing out on the more advanced features which the edge versions can do and i also need a controller which i dont like because of security reason. Also having the controller makes me fell a bit looked to unifi gear.

So does anyone have any suggestion and if you have unifi/edge gear, why did you decide to go with that rather then the other or even other brands?

We went UniFi because I like having all of our switches and AP’s controlled via the UniFi SDN controller and there are not any “Edge Switch” only features that I need.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but having a UniFi controller “roll-your-own” style doesn’t lock you in (though I’m not an expert on this). I’m in the process of learning about the whole UniFi ecosystem with running a controller on a VM and a couple APs for now. And, again I am no expert or even very knowledgeable on the UniFi stuff, but if your network is setup right there shouldn’t be a security concern. Like I said, I’m still considering myself green with UBNT things.

Well what i mean about looked in its more like, whats the point of having a controller if your only going to use it for a single AP or a single switch? in that case you be better off with a edge where they are individually managed or get more unifi products.

Concerning security, the controller is a single point of failure according to me, if someone gets the username and password they have control of your entire network, and if you enable remote access to the controller its even easier.

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The controller does not need to be running for the devices to work, but it does collect and consolidate stats from all the devices. Properly securing your controller will keep people out, we don’t have ours exposed to the internet. But, you seem set on buying the Edge line of products. So go buy them, they are good and work well.

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