10G module doesn’t reconnect after sleep on Pop OS

Trying to go completely linux. I’ve got 2 network connections on my desktop running Pop OS; one RJ45 Ethernet and the other a Chelsio 10G SFP+ module. They both are recognized and work fine on boot, but the Chelsio module will not automatically restart after the computer suspends/sleeps and I need to reboot to get it working again. So not ideal. I did find some old info on creating scripts in Ubuntu to automatically load the ethernet kernel module (apparently this was a problem with older Ubuntu versions), but the file folder locations (/etc/pm) that they designate are not in Pop OS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI, I’m fairly a newbie so be kind. Thanks!

Not sure if this will fix is, but later version of Ubuntu /POP_OS! are using NetworkManager. You can use the follow commands to restart it.

sudo nmcli networking off
sudo nmcli networking on

Thanks Tom; appreciate the suggestion. Didn’t fix it unfortunately. BTW running Pop OS 20.10.