10G FreeNAS to 10G DL380


i have a TrueNAS server running 5x WD RED drives with just under 2TB of used space, I want to offload the data from the trueNAS server to one of my DL380e Gen8 servers.

DL380 - 3.5" X4 SAS drives on a P420i controller setup in RAID 5 also a SSD as the OS drive seprate array. i want to install a 10G nic using DAC cable to a 10G Nic to the trueNAS so its quicker to offload

the spec of the TrueNAS
CPU - i3-8100 4 cores

my question is will i get anything close to 500 + mb/s transfer speeds to make it worthwhile ? as read that the bottleneck on some 10g systems can be the CPU, Memory etc…

would be happy with 300 + mb/s tbh

whats everyones thoughts ?