10:00am, every single day (UAP-AC-Pro issue?)

I run a relatively small school network with Unifi gear. Cloudkey Gen 2, mix of APs (AC-Pro, nano, moving to IW-HD units quite a bit lately, etc.)
We have a particular little gremlin that pops up seemingly daily. At almost exactly 10AM every day, any clients connected to UAP-AC-Pro access points seems to lose connectivity for approximately 2 minutes, and it’s kinda driving me a little batty.

UCKG2 V2.3.15
Network App V7.0.23
All AC-Pros V6.0.14.13634

The one I sampled today lost connectivity between 10:00:05 and 10:02:35. I haven’t run the script I used to test that on every AP, but that seems to be the window that all of the complaints happen in.

Happy to add any other info that might be helpful.
Thanks in advance!

Turn on logging in UnIFi and a setup syslog server to see what the messages are at the time of disconnect.

I have the logging from one of the APs at time of failure (via ssh), is this sufficient? (I’m not quite fluent enough yet to parse the logging that’s happening.) Or should I go set up a syslog?

The goal is to find some correlation data, syslog would probably be the most helpful.

Copy that. Will report back when I get some results.